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Laser Treatment

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

At Aserene Skin Clinic, we want to provide our clients with the best experience possible when it comes to laser hair removal.


This is why we only offer painless laser hair removal treatments such as Motus AY, Alexandrite, ND Yag, Elight, and Diode ICE. All of these treatments offer a near pain-free experience and excellent results, and we encourage our clients to discover which treatment is right for them and their hair removal needs.

Motus AY

At Aserene Skin Clinic, we’re proud to be able to introduce our clients to the cutting-edge Motus AY laser hair removal platform. Combining both the coveted Alexandrite ‘Moveo’ technique, and ND Yag technology, the Motus AY offers clients the first truly ‘pain-free’ experience when it comes to laser hair removal.

The combination of both Alexandrite and ND Yag technologies means that all skin tones and types can be treated for laser hair removal, while the ND Yag allows us to treat deep vessels – for example legs – in the more traditional long pulse mode. Offering clients the best of both worlds, and the best, pain-free experience, this is a fast, effective treatment thanks to its ‘Moveo’ technology.

The Motus AY system is also brilliant for the treatment of pigmented or vascular legions, acne, skin tightening, non-ablative skin rejuvenation, and fungal nail treatment.



Diode Soprano ICE

Designed by the experts at Alma, Soprano ICE is at the cutting-edge of laser hair removal technology and promises a practically pain-free hair removal treatment suitable for all skin tones and hair types.

With multiple wavelengths and settings, the Alma Soprano ICE has no downtime, meaning clients can leave the clinic with touchably soft, hair-free skin and return to their day as normal; whether that’s back to the office, to the gym, to brunch, or simply home.

This hardworking, technologically advanced machine has a proven track record of working safely and effectively on dark skin and can be used to remove any type of hair, from very fine to coarse. It’s also effective on various areas of the body. Large areas such as the back and legs are easy to work on, while harder to reach and sensitive areas like ears, nose, and the bikini line are treated easily and with virtually no pain.

What makes the Alma Soprano ICE so pain free is its ICE technology. Using advanced cooling technology, this treatment leaves skin cool throughout the treatment helping to reduce the amount of pain caused by the lasers.

E Lite Hair Removal

Working with both Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF), E-Light offers one of the most effective hair removal systems available. It’s particularly effective on fine and light coloured hair and most clients are able to see results by the end of just one session.

As with most of the hair removal treatments we offer at Aserene, E-Light requires several sessions in order to be truly effective, but because E-Light gets to work immediately on those hairs in the growth stage, results are visible very early on. Hair that hasn’t yet reached the growth phase at the first session will be tackled in later sessions.

E-Light’s effectiveness comes from its innovative use of both IPL and RF technologies. Using Radio Frequency means the deepest and middle layers of the skin are reached by heating the tissue, after which less energy is needed when using IPL. This means results are acquired faster and fewer sessions are needed overall. A cooling system is also used to help keep the skin feel comfortable and to avoid any unnecessary pain.

E-Light can be used on any hair colour, as well as any skin tone or type – including dark skin, mature skin, and sensitive skin. This versatility is extremely popular with clients, and means just about anyone can be treated to the soft, hair-free skin they desire.

The number of sessions needed varies greatly from client to client, but we’ll be able to help you figure out just how many are needed.

Motus AY
Diode Soprano ICE
E Lite Hair Removal

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